A game made for the AGBIC 2015 game jam based on a famicase.com cartridge made by Skyler Holt.

Description from famicase.com:

"You are Kyle Wait, better known as Eski. A former military space pilot turned soldier of fortune, you now captain a spacecraft known as the Gliding Square. With your small, highly-skilled crew, you explore the unforgiving worlds of the E3 System in search of The Pulse. This legendary item is said to hold the secrets of immortality, but finding it won't be easy. Your quest will be hazardous, strife-filled, and unpredictable. Do you have what it takes to find The Pulse and gain eternal life? "

You start on the E3 space station and you need to build a ship. The ship requires fuel, charge and hull to operate. By placing down parts you get more fuel (fuel tanks) or charge (batteries) for example. You also need to charge those batteries using solar panels or RTGs. The parts will form different systems that you have to manage. Basically, if you've ever played Kerbal Space Program this should come naturally to you.

You will be controlling the ship by typing various commands into the ship's computer. These can be found in-game.

Your task is to find The Pulse, so you need to explore the system by beaming yourself to the various procedurally generated planets.

This game was made for the A Game By Its Cover 2015 game jam. It was programmed in Dart (compiled to js) using WebGL and Web Audio.

It isn't completely finished as it was made for a game jam, but it should be somewhat playable. Works best in Chrome.